On this page, I highlight my volunteer activities.

European Content Awards

Since 2021, I have been a judge at the European Content Awards, the sister award of the European Search Awards. It is a great pleasure for me and my fellow judges to select the best content marketing campaigns in Europe.

These awards highlight content that has been created with a well-planned strategy and ingenuity as well as contributing to business success. Every year, agencies and in-house teams compete in more than 30 categories. All judges are successful marketers or industry experts themselves.

My role as a judge is to evaluate the submissions in two rounds according to various quality criteria. This is important task since the award is established as a seal of quality in the industry. Above all, however, it’s an honorary position that I really enjoy because I gain insights into new industry trends and get to know the best work of European marketing teams.

Juror at the European Search Awards

At the European Search Awards, which takes place once a year, creative and technical search engine optimizers from all over Europe can submit projects that they are proud of and believe deserve recognition. When awarding the prizes, different categories, such as success in PPC or content marketing, are considered.

It was an honor to one of the “judges” on a selected panel of individuals who came from all over Europe. I was happy that I was appointed to serve on the “judging panel” again in 2019 where prizes were awarded at an event in Budapest. Incidentally, it should not be underestimated how much work you have to do as a juror.

For example, in the run-up to the 2016 award ceremony in Paris, I judged a total of 90 submitted projects. They were divided into 5 different categories and had to be evaluated by completely different criteria. However, if you can spare the time for it, the work is definitely a lot of fun and also super exciting!

Expert Advisory Board of the German Digital Industry Association

I am proud to say that in 2019 I was a member of the Expert Advisory Board of the Bundesverband Digitale Wirtschaft e.V. (BVDW). I have been a member of BVDW since 2014, making me one of the dinosaurs of this board.

The advisory board is made up of specially selected SEO experts and, in total, we are 15 leaders of the industry. To ensure neutrality, members also come from agencies and companies that are not part of the BVDW.

And what do we do exactly? The Expert Advisory Board is the point of contact for online marketing customers and providers at all times. In this respect, we have a certain control function within the industry. Importantly, we also award SEO Quality Certificates to advertisers.

These certificates are intended to provide customers with an objective assessment of online marketing agencies. To do this, we look at some of an agency’s previous customer projects, evaluate them individually, and then discuss them together until we have agreed on a joint assessment result.