International Talks

I have been fortunate to be invited as a speaker to many conferences abroad. Here's an overview of my talks in Europe and further afield


Sigma World: Affiliate Grand Slam

„SEO & SEA: Together they are invincible.“ Malta

16. November



„Beyond Touch: Content in the world of intelligent assistants with voice interaction and smart speakers“ Copenhagen, Denmark

26. September


„Beyond Touch: The new world of intelligent assistants with voice interaction and smart speakers“ Reykjavík, Island

05. April


OMX Konferenz

„Omnipresent Search – from „intelligent“ loudspeakers & assistants“ Salzburg, Austria

22. November 


„How to get the most out of combined SEO and Content Marketing“ Malmö, Sweden

09. October 

Content Marketing Fast Forward

„Build a winning e-commerce business with Content and SEO“ Brüssels, Belgium

31. May


3XE Search Marketing Conference

“How a leading performance marketing agency has built the second largest cigar online retailer with SEO and content marketing exclusively”, Dublin, Ireland

19. October 

Internet Hungary

“How content marketing and fintechs fertilize each other!”, Siófok, Balaton, Hungary

26. / 27. September

Content Marketing Fast Forward

“Online Cigar Shop Noblego: Content Marketing Case Study”, Amsterdam, Holland

18. May



“The Status of Content Marketing in Europe”, Boston, MA, USA

8.-10. November 

Digital Zone

“Systematic Crawling- and Indexing Management – Make search engine crawlers and algorithms your willing servants”, Istanbul, Turkey

21./22. October 

Web Marketing Festival

“Bye, bye SEO? Frameworks, tips and best practice examples of how search engines and content marketing campaigns work together”, Rimini, Italy

8. July


“Seeding – the key to unlocking the full power of content marketing campaigns”, Ljubljana, Slovenia

10./11. March


SMX Milan

“Periodic table of SEO ranking factors and „keywords are dead“ – live concepts, entities and audiences”, Milan, Italy

12./13. November

SEM Days

“Crawling, Indexing, Ranking – Make search engines and algorithms behave well”, Bucharest, Romania

24./25. September

Congreso SEO Profesional

“Best Practice eCommerce SEO”, Madrid, Spain

4. July

SEO Camp’us

“Case study: Initial SEO for an internationally popular online brand”, Paris, France

19. March



“The Future of Search and Search Engine Optimization”, Cluj, Romania

31. October

SEO Camp’us

“International and multilingual SEO”, Paris, France

14. March

SES – Search Engine Strategies

“Estimate. Diagnose. Repair. How to become a leading SEO mechanic.”, London, England

13. February


 SES New York City

„Breakdown borders – International & multilingual SEO“, New York, USA

26.-28. March


Search Marketing Day

„Affiliate Marketing 2012“, Poznan, Poland

16.-17. May

International Search Summit

„SEO for Germany: This is how you achieve targeted success“, London, UK

14. May


 The Barcelona Summit

„SEO Clinic“ with Kay Schaefer, Barcelona

18.-21. February

 Seedcamp / Seedsummit

„Online Marketing & SEO“, London

25. January


A4U Expo London

„Blackhat SEO“ together with Dominik Wojcik, London

12. October


CJU Europe


20.-21. June