Talks in Germany

In Germany, I have had the opportunity to give well over 100 talks in different formats at various events. Here's a list of just a few.


OMR Festival 2022

#askAndre Live Podcast with Erik Siekmann and Rolf Hermann.

18. May


Digital Marketing Fireside Chat and Q&A

05. April


EO Online Marketing Day

Digital marketing: past, present & future

15. November



eCommerce SEO quo vadis?! What works, what doesn’t, and where there’s still much to be discovered. 

4. July

CPX Performance Marketing Gipfel

Performance Marketing: Trends 2018

24. May

re:publica 18

Digital Marketing Trends 2020

4. May

Native Ads Camp

Strategy and Best Practice: How to optimally combine native advertising with content marketing

19. April

OMR Side Event von Digital ForwordX

Omnipresent Search: The new world of voice interaction, intelligent assistants and intelligent speakers

22. March


Content Marketing and Native Advertising: an amazing combination for successfully creating and distributing content 

7. March


Priorities for combining SEO and content marketing

6. March


How SEO adapts itself and changes within (performance-)marketing-mix)

22. February


So geht Hotel Heute

“Successful SEO and content marketing in the travel and hotel industry for increased sales and better branding“, Hamburg

12. July

Online Marketing Camp of Hamburg Media School

“Introduction to Online and Search Marketing”, Hamburg

28. June

K5 Future Retail Conference

“Future-proof SEO and content marketing for eCommerce merchants in a mobile world”, Berlin

22. June

OPI Forum Europe

“Pull Communication – The paradigm shift in online communication”, Berlin

15. June

HSMA Festival “Best Practice Cases

„How tourism companies can improve their branding and SEO with content marketing”, Rust

21./22. May


“Content marketing in the financial industry”, Berlin

11. May


“SEO and content marketing for start-ups”, Berlin

25. April

DHL eCommerce Day

“Future-proof content marketing and search engine optimization for online retailers”, Berlin/Hamburg

28./29. March


“How to use exciting B2B content marketing to turn a seemingly confused, intangible service like hosting into the right international rock star”, München

7./8. March

Online Marketing Rockstars

“Search and Content Marketing in a GAFA (=Google Amazon Facebook Apple) World”, Hamburg

2./3. March


OM Camp

“Introduction to search engine optimization”, Hamburg

16. November

Praxistage Strategisches Content Marketing

“SEO and Content Marketing – The synergetic dream team of communication”, Düsseldorf

27./28. October

Content Marketing World

“ROI oriented content marketing”, Frankfurt am Main

18. October

OnlineMarketing Camp

“SEO introduction”, Hamburg

21. September

IHK Online Marketing Day

“Really good content! The link and the accelerator of performance marketing”, Frankfurt am Main

5. July

WHU Campus for Marketing

“Search and content marketing in online marketing mix – pull is the new push”, Düsseldorf

30. June


“Search and content marketing: Contradiction or dream wedding?”, Nürnberg

29. June


“Adios SEO? – These SEO measures are necessary to get the most out of content marketing”, München

2. March

Internet Marketing World

“More customers and sales for your money – trends and tips for efficient performance marketing”, München

1. March

Online Marketing Rockstars

“SEO – the times change you – SEO Trends for 2106”, Hamburg

25./26. February



“Online sellers, who only sell online, may bid farewell to low-cost search engine traffic in the future.”, Frankfurt am Main

11. November


Panel “Integration of Search and Content Marketing Strategies „and presentation“ International and Multilingual Search Engine and App Store Optimization: Strategies, Pitfalls and Case Studies”, Köln

16./17. September

ibi eCommerce Day

“How and why it makes sense to start a new online retailer”, Berlin

2. July

Performance Marketing Insights

“First SEO steps and achievements of an international love brand”, Berlin

23./24. June

Online Marketing Rockstars

Masterclass at the expo, and panel at the conference „Masters of Search“ with Marcus Tandler, Mike King and Kris Jones, Hamburg

26./27. February


ibi eCommerce Day

„How and why it makes sense to start a new online retailer”, Berlin

30. September


“SEO and Quality – Contradiction or Compatibility?“, Köln

10./11. September

Zanox Expert Day Finance

“SEO 2014 – Whats going on? Which big changes are foreseeable?”, Berlin

10. April

bvh 2.014 (Ecommerce-Connection)

Conference for interactive sales and commerce („SEO for online retailers – today and in the future”), Hamburg

2./3. April

Affiliate Tactixx

Panels “Start-ups in Affiliate- and Online Marketing Areas” and “Search Marketing Update”, München

25./26. February



„Idea Generation for Start-ups”, Berlin

23. August

Axel Springer Plug’n’Play

“Performance Marketing and SEO for Start-ups”, Berlin

27. May

AFS Akademie

„tbd.“, Berlin

25. May

Affiliate Tactixx

”Which SEO strategies remain Affiliates in 2013 „with Maik Metzen“



19. March

Start-up Camp

„SEO für Startups“, Berlin

14. March

Online Marketing Rockstars

„Sustainable SEO strategies for 2013++“, Hamburg

22. February

Online Marketing Camp @ Axel Springer

„SEO Introduction and Site Clinic“, Berlin

6. February


Hub:Raum – Deutsche Telekom Incubator

„Onpage SEO & Offpage SEO“, Berlin

11.-12. December

Hub:Raum – Deutsche Telekom Inkubator

„Onpage SEO & Offpage SEO“, Berlin

11.-12. December

European Trade Congress

„Search Marketing 2013“, Berlin

19.-20. November

FailCon Berlin

„Caught in a Living Death?“, Berlin

15. November

AFS Akademie

„Introduction to Keyword Research“, Berlin

3. November

Axel Springer Online Marketing Camp

Half-day workshop „Introduction to Search Engine Optimization“, Berlin

31. October

e-Food Congress

„What e-food concepts can be learnt from successful online trading in luxury foods“, Wiesbaden

24. October

Expert at the SEOktoberfest

„Title can not be disclosed due to confidentiality“, München

27. September

In Praxi LLL

„Digital Strategies – Practical seminar on online and mobile marketing“, Düsseldorf

22. September

Online Marketing Forum

„SEO Site Clinic“, Düsseldorf

6.-7. September

Creditreform Day of the Open Door

„The Future of Online Marketing in the Search Area“, Berlin

23. August

Handelshochschule Leipzig

Handelshochschule Leipzig („Introduction to Search Engine Marketing“ with Maik Metzen), Leipzig

29. June

eOnline Business Summit

Online Business Summit („International link marketing“), Hamburg

11. June

Deutscher Online-Handelskongress

„Social Search“, Frankfurt am Main

8.-9. May

Good School – Digital School Days

„Performance Marketing“, Berlin

5. May

Good School – Camp Digital

„Online Marketing Basics“, Hamburg

13. April

VDMA Work Group „Young Entrepreneurs“

„Introduction to Online Marketing & Search Engine Optimization“, Birkenwerder

5. April

SMX München – 2 Sessions

Google Survior Tips: „How to survive Panda & Co. without damage“ & „Google understand: What you should have learned from the last 20 Google patents“, München

28. March

Affiliate Tactixx

„Moderation of Merchant-Oriented Talks“, München

27. March

Online Stammtisch München

„Old School SEO is Dead – SEO Trends 2012“, München

26. March

Startup Camp Berlin

„Interior View of the Living Dead“, Berlin

17. March

SEO Campixx

„Tips for Expectant Book Authors“, Müggelsee

10.-11. March

E-Commerce-FORUM for CeBIT Webciety

„Optimizing for the Social Search“, Hannover

6. March


KoNet – Cooperation network for business start-ups at Koblenzer Hochschulen (

„Start-up funding through venture capital & business angels“, Koblenz

26. November

UdK – University of Art Berlin Alumni-Event of the Masters & Diploma Program Leadership in Digital Communication

„How does the social graph change search and search engine marketing?“, Berlin

21. October

Experte beim SEOktoberfest

Expert at SEOktoberfest, München

20.-22. September

Online Marketing Forum

„SEO Clinic“, Hamburg

8.-9. September

Hochschule Darmstadt

„Advanced Link Marketing“, Darmstadt

8. July

DHL Talks

„Cross-Border eCommerce“, Schweinfurt

30. June

TRG Online Business Summit

„ROI from Search Engine Optimization (SEO)“, Hamburg

6. June

In Praxi Regionalkreis Berlin

„Workshop Introduction to Online Marketing“, Berlin

26. May

Lokales Online Marketing Berlin Brandenburg (

„Opportunities and risks for regional and local providers through search engine optimization (SEO)“, Berlin

19. April

Mini Seedcamp Berlin

„SEO & Online Marketing Coach“, Berlin

14. April

Affiliate Tactixx

„Affiliate vs. Merchant – Problem to Avoid!“, München

12.-13. April



„Show me the Links“ with Sepita Ansari, München

5.-6. April

Entrepreneur Day

„Strategic SEO decisions“, Tegernsee

30. March

Startup Camp

„Startup experiences (almost) uncensored“, Berlin

18.-20. March

SEO Campixx

„Blackhat SEO and how to protect against it

with Dominik Wojcik, Berlin

12.-13. March

Munich Venture Summit

Life Stages of a Start-up“, München

12. February


Sole Organizer of the First OMCap – Online Marketing Capital

Networking event with over 300 guests, Berlin

15. December

SES / Search Engine Strategies

„Universal & Blended Search: Challenges and Opportunities“, Berlin

24. November

Holtzbrinck Internet Summit

„SEO & Linkbaits“, Berlin

14. October

Hochschule RheinMain, Study Course Media Management

Full-Day Seminar „Introduction to Search Engine Optimisation“, Wiesbaden

28. June

A4U Expo Europe

„SEO Update – What’s happening in the Market and Where Should Your Focus Be?“ Together with Johannes Beus, Marcus Tandler and Jonas Weber, München

19. May

SEO Campixx

„SEO Images – the Next Level“, Berlin

13. March

IJK HMT (Institute for Journalism und Communications Research – Universität Hannover)

„Foundation of Growth Companies on the Internet“, Hannover

7. January


SES / Search Engine Strategies

„Universal Search“, Berlin

25. November

Affiliate Tactixx

„Affiliate vs. Merchant – What affiliates should talk about with their merchants but never dared to ask“, München

16. June

121 Watt

Full-Day Seminar „Affiliate Marketing for Advanced Students“, München

15. June

Second Kölner SEO Forum

„Introduction to Online Marketing“, Köln

20. April

DDA Study Course Online Marketing Specialist

Full-Day Seminar „Foundations of Affiliate Marketing“, Frankfurt

13. March

SEO Campixx

„SEO for Google Images Search and Images in Google Universal Search“, Berlin

8. March


121 Watt

Full-Day Seminar „Affiliate Marketing for Advanced Students“, München

19. November

121 Watt

Full-Day Seminar „Affiliate Marketing for Advanced Students“, München

8. October

International E-Commerce Congress

„Real-Time Online Marketing Controlling“, Wiesbaden

19.-20. June

Affiliate Tactixx


2. June

Libri e-Commerce Day


24. April


Werbung 2.0


07. November

Barcamp, Köln

Start-Up Funding Through Business Angels, Köln

19. August



16. July



21. April

Marketing Online Congress


27. February

Social Web Forum


06. February




19. June