Here you will find the books I have published to date

OMR Report – Proffesional Guide to SEO

Building on the Beginners Guide to SEO, we have written the Professional Guide. This is aimed at all experienced SEOs.

OMR Report – Beginners Guide to SEO

How to rank number 1 within organic search result page on Google & Co? With the help of good SEO! In this OMR Report we’ll show you how, the Beginners Guide to SEO.
Organic traffic has the advantage of being sustainable and the click is free. No direct CPC, CPM or CPL. With strong SEO content and the right keywords, you can reach your customers in the entire sales funnel – no other online marketing discipline can do that. SEO is unknown territory for you? No problem! This report leads you step by step to successful search engine optimization. We will also introduce you to the most important tools, explain what you need to do technically and offpage and provide you with the basics for good content marketing. With this SEO Guide you get a powerful package of knowledge which will help you to become a full-blooded SEO.

SEO – Strategy, Tactics and Technik

My „Sweetheart“ 😉

Basic SEO know-how, best practices and practical tips. Alpar/Koczy/Metzen show how opportunities arise from search engine optimisation and which business processes and workflows need to be created in order to successfully implement SEO. In addition to on-page and off-page optimisation, they focus on process optimisation and international search engines optimisation. A learning and reference work for experts and marketing managers.

SEO in German!

Small Project/ Interview Book / Self-Publishing Experiment

33 experts of search engine optimization from German-speaking countires reveal valuable career tips.

Web Selling: The Big Online Marketing Practice Book

First steps as an author

SEO, SEM, location-based marketing, reputation management, web controlling, usability… finding your way around the ever-growing jungle of online marketing is a constant challenge even for professionals. The Big Online Marketing Practice Book helps you succesfully navigate the forests of analyses, tools, and strategies and use them effectively for your company’s online marketing—so you can make your website more visible and win new customers and business partners yourself!