German Press

Here's a selection of features and appearances in the German-speaking media. (Unfortunately not updated at the moment - hopefully soon 😉 )

The Brain is Not to Be Underestimated

Berlin Valley, 28. September 2018

1000 Euro Could Bring 12.000 Clicks Per Day

Die Welt, 19. September 2018

10 Years of Sistrix Visibility Index

Sistrix, 26. February 2018

4 Tips, so SEO and Content Marketing Work

K5, 25 January 2018

Optimize, Place, Win – Why SEO is Relevant to Your Business

K5, 23. January 2018

Andre Alpar: „Dirt in the Channel is a Sign that it’s Exciting.“

Lead, 3. January 2018

Interview with Andre Alpar ,“SEO in German“

Sistrix, January 2014

Life in the Digital World

Deutsche Welle TV, March 2013

Focus Magazine

February 2013

Technology Review

February 2013

Report on AKM3, Zalando and SEO

IHK Berlin Magazine, January 2013

Well Wired – Online Marketing for Small and Medium Businesses

Berliner Tagesspiegel, 24. November 2012

Adjustment Screws for the Search Engine

eTailment Map, November 2012

Auf Your Marks – The Work of Search Engine Optimizers

Süddeutsche Zeitung, 6. October 2012

Tips to Win from Social Media Fans

Internet World Business, August 2012

What to Consider when Purchasing Domains

Website Boosting, August 2012

Facebook Advertising Everywhere

Focus Online, 2. June 2012

Theme Tracking in Online Marketing

Focus, 4. June 2012

SEO Expert Andre Alpar: Brand Claims Give Away Potential on Google

Article from Olaf Kolbrück,, 19.4.2012

Werben & Verkaufen, Nr. 39, 29. September 2011

A rather unusual mention that I still find amusing came in the context of SEOktoberfests

International SEO

iBusiness, May 2011

The magazine iBusiness wrote a long article on the theme of international SEO


March 2011

The British daily newspaper The Telegraph published a list of the most influential tech investors in Europe in March 2011. The survey was based on Twitter data and so is probably not 100% accurate since not all tech investors use Twitter. Nevertheless, I was happy to be included on the list.

Here is a copy of the article in case it is no longer online


May 2008

In the May 2008 issue of the iBusiness Executive Summary journal, there was a report on venture capital in the German Web 2.0 market which included an investor map.

In this investor map, various business angels and their holdings in Germany were evaluated. As you can see in the overview, I am just small fry with only four public investments. It is only because of the fact the list is presented alphabetically that I’m at the top!

You can easily see which topics I am interested in:

However, this only refers to investments of which the public is aware. If all investments were declared, then the weighting would be a little different.

But that is not so important, although perhaps there will eventually be a new edition of the evaluation.