Organizer's Opinions

Opinions of conference organisers on my talks

An absolute expert in content marketing and native advertising. With his many years of speaking experience, Andre is a garantor for the practice-oriented transfer of know-how and precise education through our conference slots (up to 600 people) and our workshops. Additionally, Andre always highlights our events in advance through his social channels. At the evening event, the drinks flowing until 4am is alone a strong performance – and off the stage – many thanks!

René Kühn  – Content Marketing Expert, Managing Director Contilla GmbH and Organiser of CMCX – Europas Nr.1 Content-Marketing Event

“As’s conference organizer, I attend several conferences every year to scout best speakers from different countries. When I join to Andre’s session in Berlin, I’m amazed with his energy and how he explain all the complex technical stuff in very understandable language. Most of agency founders are not technically talented when they try to scale up their business but Andre is definitely is an outlier!”

Yigit Konur – Founder @Zeo & Organiser of Digitalzone Conference – Judge of US Search Awards

Witty and to the point, and with incredible industry knowledge, Andre brings momentum to all of his lectures in any venue. Precisely adapted to the level of knowledge of the listener, he conveys insights that can and should be thought about for longer than is normally possible in 30-minute lectures. I value Andre very much: personally, humanly and as a true industry expert.

Dunja Koelwel – Journalist, Leader Content EXPO & Conferences Neue Mediengesellschaft Ulm

Andre is a very energetic person and he is able to convey his energy to the people around him. I think this is a very important trait both as an entrepreneur, speaker and friend. When you spend time with Andre you feel like you knew him for a lifetime, even the first time you meet him. He is able to convey all those feelings also when speaking at conferences or brainstorming/judging ideas and projects.Andre is a very technical guy, but at the same time he knows a lot about business, content, marketing, advertising and last but not least…human relations. He is definitely someone I can absolutely recommend at any conference and networking moments cause he is knowledgeable, funny and in 2 words: „Pure Energy!“. Organiser of Web Marketing Festival – biggest digital marketing conference in Italy with over 2500 participants.

Andrea Pernici – Chief Technology Officer, SearchOn Group