Scientific Articles

During my academic career I have written several scientific articles

February 2009

With Martin Heibel „Software-basiertes Alumni-Management“,publishe „Networking & Alumning – Vom zeitraubenden Wahnsinn zum ökonomischen Erfolgsfaktor„, edited by Uwe G. Seebacher and Gaby Klaus

March 2005

With Victor Henning „Public aid mechanisms in feature film production: the EU MEDIA Plus Programme“, published in „Media Culture & Society„, Volume 27, Number 2

November 1999

With Lars Dittmann, Peter Fankhauser „AMetaCar – a Mediated eCommerce-Solution for the Used-Car-Market“ Presented at the 4th Workshop „Föderierte Datenbanken – Integration heterogener Informationsquellen“, Technische Universität Berlin

July 1998

Worked on „The Transition from Technological Orientation towards Market Orientation in 12 German and 12 Dutch Firms“ from Ulijn/Nagel